Installation and setup

To make your start a little easier, we have created a small installation guide for you.

After installation, the TodoPane is not displayed

Can’t see the TodoPane? No need to panic yet. Under the “View” menu in Outlook ® you will find a new entry with which you can activate the TodoPane.

I can’t find an entry under the View menu

Huch OK that shouldn’t happen. You can still check a few things.

In the Outlook ® settings under “File \ Options \ Add-Ins” you will find the entry “Manage: COM-Add-Ins” at the bottom right and next to it a button labeled “Go ….”. If you click on this button a window will open. Look for the entry “Puresoft.OutlookTodoPane”, activate it and click OK. Normally the TodoPane should show up immediately. If that doesn’t happen you can activate it under “View”.

You did not find an entry in COM add-ins?

You may have installed the 32-bit add-in for your 64-bit Outlook® or vice versa. Look at the first entry for the installation.

My email address has changed

If your standard email address changes, the add-in will be deactivated after you restart Outlook®. In the settings, you can simply reactivate it, just like when you bought it.

What is the default email address

Outlook ® sends its emails by default from your default email address.
Your default email address will be marked with a black check mark under File / Account Settings.
Your license is attached to this email address, if you change this setting your license will be invalid
and you will have to re-activate it in the AddIn settings.

How do I add a shared calendar

A picture is worth a thousand words 😉